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The Office for Science, Research and Implementations

This Office is one of the University's structural entities, which is in charge of organization and administration services related to scientific and research activities. One of its major objectives is to coordinate the overall activities related to planning, organizing and implementing the University's scientific and research projects. The Office is also engaged in developing and educating scientific staff as well as coordinating the tasks performed in connection with the Scientific Entity's Survey.

The Office focuses on statute-related research, its own projects and those assigned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as well as research and services commissioned by businesses. The Office is also engaged in „Jean Monet" educational projects as well as the ones financed by the EU. It supervises the participation of research and teaching staff in conferences, symposia and language courses, disseminating information regarding competitions and scholarships offered by NGOs.

The Office is in charge of conferring PhD, post-PhD and professor degrees as well as the issues related to employee leaves, scientific scholarships and other forms of assistance offered to research and teaching staff. This year's tasks include PhD courses for Polish and foreign citizens.




Teresa Powroźnik, MA
tel.: +48 12 293 5695, fax: +48 12 293 5031


Renata Muller, MA
tel.: +48 12 293 5764

Anna Jędrychowska-Mączyńska, MA
tel.: +48 12 293 5891

Małgorzata Lubińska-Przybyło, MA
tel.: + 48 12 293 5906

Monika Hamerska, MA
tel.: + 48 12 293 5908

Ewelina Kućka, MA Eng.
tel.: + 48 12 293 5895

Tomasz Rupacz, MA
tel.: + 48 12 293 5474