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Alumni Corporation of Cracow University of Economics

  • Powerful, influential and opinion-forming alumni community of Cracow University of Economics
  • Members include active alumni with significant professional achievements – people holding responsible positions, experts in their fields with a lot of professional experience

 Who are we?




The establishment of the Alumni Corporation of Cracow University of Economics was inspired by the alumni associations of renowned Western business schools. Its objective is to create an active networking environment and to attract the outstanding graduates of our School. The organization constitutes a platform for the exchange of experience and mutual inspiration for the alumni community. It is a multi-generation community of people representing different industries. Its members include entrepreneurs, managers and scientists who have the ability of establishing lasting contacts and relationships based on mutual trust and support. 

The organization promotes the attitudes which encourage sharing knowledge and establishing relations with the representatives of different industries. This approach facilitates effective exchange of information, promoting personal and professional development.

The maintaining of mutual contacts is based on our monthly meetings which are held in Warsaw on Mondays and in Krakow on Fridays. We are planning to arrange such meetings in New York and London. We make use of an internet system for managing contacts which has member profiles and offers the possibility of finding people with specific competences and specialised skills. The Association has been formally operating since May 2002, and although it is based in Warsaw, its members are CUE graduates from different Polish regions and from abroad. We represent different industries and generations; our community is composed of entrepreneurs, officials and scholars.

What to start with?

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