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History of Cracow University of Economics
• In 1882, thanks to the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce, industry and the Cracow congregation of merchants, the Municipal School of Trade was established
In 1896 the Higher Trade School was set up
In 1924 the Institute of Commodities was established at the Higher Trade School and a two-year commodity studies program was begun. This gave rise to the Higher College of Trade (HCT) in 1925
On 1st October 1925 the co-founder and the first director of HCT conducted the inauguration of the first academic year. This moment is considered the birth of today's Cracow University of Economics
On 1st September 1938 the act of 1937 came into effect, classifying HCT as an academic school and changing its name to the Trade Academy (AH)
In March 1945 the Trade Academy was re-opened after the war
In early September 1950 AH was transformed into the State Higher School of Economics

In 1959, more rigorous standards were imposed on the institutions of higher learning, and the Higher School of Economics was transformed into a one-faculty school named the Faculty of Production and Commodity Turnover

After 1972, study centres were established for students in different cities of south Poland.: Dębica, Gorlice, Kielce, Nowy Targ, Tarnów, Wadowice

In 1974, Polish schools of economics were renamed academies of economics

In August 2007, the Academy of Economics was given the official name of Cracow University of Economics

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